crow's share is: a creative project from artist ryan bundy. it involves: love and loss, scuplture, banjos, hope, late nights, string noise, street noise, restlessness, cosmetic surgery, violas, slide guitar, amazing pick up lines, electronica, woodworking, metal working, left over morsels of childhood optimism, seagulls, it would be nice if you were here, gas stoves, colored plastic, shifters, bicycles, rolling rock, welsh books, clicking noises, dead flowers, wood glue, bolts and nuts and washers, bravado, tremolo, crescendo, pale white whales, brew masters, white cats with different colored eyes, darkness, over exposed photos of hillsides in homer alaska, brigands, childhood rivalries, elderly chivalry, quenching thirst on the tuesday after st. patrick's day, pepper shakers on ill fitting wood table leafs, black, copper kettles, blunt force love, mediocre trivia scores, bags of mostly rotten apples, letters written by themselves, coasters made from english lit book covers, economies of scale, forest giants, ornate woodwork, necks stuck out, feet in sand, oil spills, fuzzy edges, litter, dogmatic black dresses, songs about roses and gold, wound string, gray boots, crows, and crows.